It is estimated today that over 80% of buyers will view a property on line prior to contacting their real estate broker. Do your property pictures draw more buyers in, or turn them away? The results of great home photography are: it maximizes the number of initial online views for your home. A greater number of property views means your home will attract a greater pool of potential buyers, enabling it to sell faster and for a better price.

Therefore, the importance of having quality photos that present your high-end property in the most authentic, professional manner cannot be underestimated. Your property will be competing with possibly hundreds of other homes on the market and your home must be at the forefront of that property search. You seek the highest number of potential views that generate a maximum number of qualified buyers to visit your home.

This means your property photos must:

- Emphasize the benefits and features of your home
- Be authentic and not misleading
- Showcase the views
- Highlight neighborhood features
- Tell a story

The more and better quality pictures you have to present the better. Buyers today are demanding more views, realistic, quality images that save them time and draw them closer to the dream home they seek. Investing in quality photography need not be excessive. Great property photos can be made with the simplest digital device by applying proper staging, angles and lighting techniques. However, it is an art, and securing a professional photographer may be required and well worth the investment. Your local ERA broker will be able to advise you further on what you must do to maximize your property views.

Taking Pictures
Taking Pictures