Munkbrogatan 18

Söderköping Sweden

Multiple Family Home, Sale
746 122 EUR
6 850 000 SEK

Property Location:
Munkbrogatan 18
Söderköping, Sweden

Bathrooms: 3.0
Bedrooms: 6
Land: 639 M²
Surface: 211 M²
Year Built: 1906

A beautiful and truly historical property situated in the midieval part of Söderköping near Göta Kanal. On the property you will find two family houses and a yardhouse which frequently has been rented out to tourists. The oldest of the bigger buildings, which originally was a forge originates from the 18th century while the other was built in 1906. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you find this property interesting. You are most welcome!

Property Code: 890953